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Beyond A Grand Prize

In conjunction with the Ohio State NACHI Leaders, NACHI National Leaders, other NACHI Chapter Leaders, NACHI Continuing Educational Program Leaders and the NACHI Foundation Leaders something special will be offered in Ohio August 20th

We have a Surprise for you August 20th in Columbus Ohio: Current NACHI member attending the Ohio State Wide NACHI Event in Columbus Ohio August 20th only.

This could be the greatest boost ever in history for the Winner at a NACHI event to build their inspection business/services

It has a real ?WOW? factor as a prize.

This prize will be awarded to a lucky NACHI member in Ohio. You must be a current NACHI member to qualify.

Additional tickets will be sold for $50 each; 100% of the Proceeds will go to the NACHI Foundation to assist in their humanitarian efforts world wide

Jeff Judy
Ohio State Chapter