NACHI membership in Washington State topped 275 today.

Yay us!!!

My new avatar is taken just north of me on Hwy101. It’s a gorgeous place to live. Washington ROCKS!

So, Illinois and Washington are neck and neck, with Illinois a couple of days ahead.

Any bets on who breaks 300 first?

I’m in Seattle right now, teaching Home Inspection Marketing class for the Seattle Community College tomorrow, hope to pick up a couple members.

I still have my money on IL though. NACHI members in IL are too strong and not all hung up on that *independent, I don’t need anybody’s help *thingie you see out here in the West.

Out west we are more particular in our definition off *help, Nick.:wink: *

I’ve gone from one extreme to another:

In Philadelphia (where I’m from) everyone joins everything… right down to the local Italian Club on the corner.

At the top of the Rockies in Colorado (where I live now) people are more independent… neighborly, but less likely to participate in anything that involves their neighbors.

It took me a while to get used to it.

I consider Chicago the end (West side) of the North East. After (west of) that… you are on your own.

Hi Nick…well I am happy the sun is shining for you today! Wish I could pop in and say hello. Have fun in Seattle…

Wish I could have got over to Seattle for your class Nick. It’s gorgeous here today so it was a good time for you to visit. Hope everything is going well.

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: (Group of happy Washingtonians sunbathing)