NACHI NEWS, Volume 1.

Nicely done.
Do we subscribe or is it automatically sent out.

what happened to the newspaper that used to go out??

Very Nice.
Nick, do you ever sleep?

Replaced by NACHI NEWs and which can contain live links and streaming video.

Automatic, Gerry. The first issue is being e-mailed tonight (thanks again to Chris for his help, and to Pro-Lab for sponsoring!).

Hope you find it useful and informative! Send ideas and suggestions to meat


Who’s “meat”? :smiley: :smiley: That is a great “blooper” post. Ya gotta luv it…

Eric is “meat” --he moonlights as “Meatloaf” (rapper).

Very funny.

And speaking of “meat,” John - I’m thinking of adding a “NACHI Pet of the Month” feature to the newsletter. If you’ve got any pics of yourself in a Speedo, I’d be happy to make you the premiere model! :stuck_out_tongue:

NACHI Pet of the Month;