Nachi Nickels

Dear Fellow Home Inspection Professional,

Home inspectors have long been known for our generosity. We give freely of our time and expertise to help our clients, and we always seem to go the extra mile to help educate and instruct while performing our duties. Because of the nature of our business we tend to be very detail-orientated; yet we often neglect the needs of our families and ourselves.

While we do our best to provide for them, if we were unable to work, or worst yet to pass away, would the needs of our families still be met? Many home inspectors do not have life, health, disability or long and short-term care insurances. The reason is simple – most are not earning enough to do so.

When crisis hits, our fellow inspectors are in need of help. This is the genesis for the creation of “Nachi Nickels” – a new non-profit organization started by home inspectors in Florida for the sole purpose of helping our fellow inspectors and their families with basic living needs during times of crisis.

In this inspector-helping-inspector program, we are asking you to make a tax-deductable contribution of $5.00 or more to our help fund on a monthly basis. This minimal contribution will enable you and your family to be a beneficiary should you ever need it. Hopefully you will never need our help, but if you do, we want to be there for you and your family.
Yours Faithfully,
Aubrey Kahn - Chairman

I would like to give a great big “shout out” to Russell Hensel for being the first to donate to Nachi Nickels. Russell thank you for your most generous gift. With that kind of start I know Nachi Nickels will grow from strength to strength.

If you wish to donate to Nachi Nickels please visit our website (link posted below) where you can click on the Paypal link. Thank you for your generosity.

Just giving back to those who given so much to the profession. I seriously want to make Florida the best state to get a Home Inspection, bar NONE…

Today is a new day in the Inspection business. I am proud to be a part of the metamorphosis**.

Inspectors helping Inspectors

Thanks Aubrey for the work you have been doing as Committee Chair for Nachi Nickels.

Russ - your donation gets the fund off to an Awesome Start!

The link for inspectors to donate any amount to is:

Hopefully you will never need to call on the fund for help… but if the unthinkable happens and you had made a contribution (no matter the size)…Nachi Nickels will be there.

Nachi Nickels is going to be a great program. So many of our fellow inspectors including
Enrique DeAndres are making generous donations to the fund!

I want more info, I have long been a proponent of this and want to know how it is administrated. What legal ramifications and tax burdens may be placed on the funds and individuals who recieve them and what % of contribution is held aside and how total contributions are accounted and distributions are made and by who and on what basis. I stand ready to make a modest contribution. Is this only for Florida?

Hi Brian
Legal ramifications on those that receive funds - that I have not checked into… but will add it to the list for the Committee to investigate.

The fund would never donate more than 50% of the money it has in the “kitty”. That could change at a later date based on funds, history and committee vote.

Total contributions accounted for? Do you mean by each person or the group as a whole? Everything is documented via paypal (when a contribution is made) The accounting files for the Charity would be open to those who contribute.

The committee chair is Aubrey Kahn. There are several others who expressed interest at the last chapter meeting as being part of this project. A decision making committee and set of bylaws will need to be voted on by the chapter members. This should all be finished and voted on at our next FLH&IIChapter Meeting in Sarasota on April 30th.

The ultimate goal is for the Charity to be Nationwide. However, until the bylaws, and decision making committee are elected we will remain in Florida. (April 30th).

We would love for you to join the Committee :o)

Don’t take it the wrong way Michelle, and don’t be surprised as I said I have long been a proponent of this type of fund. Hell knows I could have used it 5 years ago when I broke my leg had surgery and was out of work for 6 months. Just seems as though before contributions are accepted every aspect of the payment out and in should be published and understood by all contributors from every angle under governmental law and jurisdiction. Thanks for working on this, it is a worthwhile endeavor. Please contact me if you feel I can be of any assistance.

No offense taken Brian. It cannot be spelled out in stone because the dynamics will change based on the available funds. Would you like us to add your name to the commitee so you can help be part of the process?


I am interested in being considered on this committee if there is a position and need available. Send me additional details of responsibilities if they have created.


Dennis, I will add you to the group. You should also contact Aubrey and make sure he has your details. He be the man… :o)