NACHI provides consumers & REALTORs direct access to 10,000 inspection professionals.

This is a fine addition to NACHI’S ongoing support for us home inspectors but it seems to be geared to U.S. areas and does not mention anything about Canadian agencies or to refer to Canadian areas in government or private business web sites for more info , this could be a good addition for Canadian inspectors. (just my thoughts)

Many of the articles came from If you have any donations, we’ll add them.

Try possibly a link to CMHC WEB SITE I saw an article on that site about mould that was pretty interesting and also consumers can send for info of all kinds from that site

What is the link?

Sorry Nick guess I should have included the link.
Here it is

CMHC is bias when it comes to recommending home inspector’s associations…have you read its article About Your House titled Hiring a Home Inspector?

I’m considering removing CMHC’s link from my website.

It doesn’t appear that CMHC is a government dept, but rather a corporation, so we probably don’t have rights to use their copyrighted material.


I believe CMHC is a government funded corporation for the public benefit. It is also a beaucracy.