NACHI Safe House Campaign Update

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Update ? 10/20/2005

The Safe House Campaign has gotten our See the Light program up and running. We have received almost 100 applications for free visual smoke alarms in the last month. The first alarms have been shipped. The program has been working hard to promote the program, and the applications are increasing.

At this time we would like to ask all NACHI members to please pass on word of the program to family, friends, and clients who are deaf or hard of hearing. They can apply online at We would also like to ask you to help support the program with any donations you might be able to afford. We thank you all for your support and generousity.

We also would like to ask our fellow NACHI members to help this program out. As part of the grant process, The NACHI Foundation is responsible for a percentage of the cost. We would like to ask each NACHI member to donate $25.00 to help cover these cost. Donations can be made via CC at Paypal to, or you can contact us for a mailing address to send a check.

Gary (Snicker's) Johnson - Free NACHOS
The NACHI Foundation
Executive Director