NACHI.TV Coming To Texas

NACHI North and East Texas Members,

Nick Gromicko and Valerie (NACHI TV) have stated that they would come
to the north Texas area and do a personal TV commercial for each inspector
who shows up for the taping (5 min commercials). This is a rare opportunity
that would normally cost a lot of money for an inspector to pay for his own
TV commercial and have it available online for watching anytime on demand,
all at no charge! Plus, this TV clip could be used for other purposes as well.

You will be able to promote this clip about your company with the words
“As Seen On TV”…

We have scheduled the tapings on October 16th, 2007 (this may turn into
a two day event)

I need to provide Nick a firm headcount so… please let me know as soon
as possible if you are interested in participating. Contact me at:

I need your reply by Sunday night, Aug 26th.


Where is it going to be, You can count me in