NACHI TV to shoot a show on polybutylene plumbing Wed.

With hlep form Tom Rausch, Jamie Fine an expert on polybutylene pipes will be doing a show for NACHI.TV.

He will also be speaking Wednesday evening at the Colorado Chapter meeting.

Congrates Nick,
Will this be on internet tv? How do we get to watch it?
Happy holidays

Nick - here’s some information on Jamie Fine and his company, Replumb Specialties, Inc. located in Colorado Springs, CO. This company is one the best pipe replacement companies in the country. It will be a priviledge for our guys to have him speak at our Colorado chapter meeting on 11/29/06. Website is

About RSI

We hold both a business and master plumbers license in Colorado and Utah. Since 1992 we have met strict independent adjuster requirements (Crawford & Co.) for court mandated replacement of Polybutylene in nearly 6000 homes to date. (4200 class action replumbs and over 1200 private sector replumbs)

             Replumbs are all we do. We do not run service trucks or          engage in new construction. Nor do we use subcontractors. Our crews are          prepared to complete the potable or heating replumb to state and local          codes, and repair all tile, sheetrock, texture, trim and paint as outlined          in our `SCOPE OF WORK'. Restoration of water damaged areas can be amended          to the `SCOPE OF WORK' and handled at the same time.


             To date we have completed 245 ENTRAN II, POLYBUTYLENE, and          FROZEN COPPER HYDRONIC and BASEBOARD heating systems. We are comfortable          replacing almost any type of interior piping system.

             Touching on our trade secrets: The same crew that creates          the penetration necessary to pipe replacement, is also THE SAME CREW that          is responsible for returning that penetration to like new condition. The          final product / timeline really sets our company apart. Our men take pride          in the final product and have a large stake in the company success.