Nachi Wind Mitigation Course

Just wondering if it is possible to get a 100% on any of the Nachi courses?
I always seem to get a few points less.

Preston Halstead:

Congratulations! You passed the InterNACHI exam ‘How to Perform
Wind Mitigation Inspections’ with a final score of 96 (a score of
80 or better was required to pass this exam).

Yes. We have many members who have hit perfect scores over the years. The passing cut-off score for ALL InterNACHI exams is 80.

like the rest of us your just a few fries short of a happy meal.

I got a 190 if you combine both times I took it

Lol. I just get a little frustrated sometimes when I can figure out what 2 questions Im getting wrong. But like my wife keeps trying to tell me that I dont know everything. LOL

Your wife is right, just ask her.

My sister used to tell me that if an A is 90 and I got a 93 - then I wasted time studying too much!

I don’t mean to brag, but I actually got a 100% on the Wind Mit course.

I failed it twice. I’m going to retake the course this weekend.