Name this unit

What is the proper name for these units? I usually just call them in wall HVAC. It is in a condo and heats and cools. Also, I was not able to remove the cover because I did not have the tool required, Allen wrench I believe. Are these units gas or electric, or can’t tell unless the cover is removed?

That’s a simple air handler for either an electric heat pump or a rooftop heating/cooling unit. I always manage to get these covers off for the inspection. Also, the dating is inside.

I see these units in Condos all the time.

If it’s a heat pump, make sure you access the Condenser on the roof or outside somewhere.

Mike it ius a blower unit with thermostatic control for the hot water boiler pipe and cold pipe from chiller unit on the roof.

No dehumidification

Check for clean filter and dirty blower.(Maintenance changes them twice a year)
Notate if it is a 2 pipe or 4 pipe ambient system.

4 pipe allows hot and cold on the same day at different units.

2 pipe and the association decides (usually Late May) switchover)

I have some good canned comments for your boiler plate if you ask.

I did not have an allen wrench to get the cover off. Bob, I did run the unit and it cooled nicely, but no heat. Was it no heat because it was 90 degrees outside or because the unit was switched over?

No access to the roof. No one at the building who could give me access. I told the client I can come back and check the roof and unit at no charge if they can arrange access.

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I inspected a condo in Lincoln Park last week that had 3 wall units. You will see all kinds of systems depending on when the building was constructed and if it has been renovated.

Wall Unit.JPG

Condo Exterior.JPG

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