NC Home Inspector Licensure Board postion on new legislation.

To: Governor Purdue - Senate Standing Committee Finance Members and other interested parties:

SB1007 is a realtor and home builder special interest power play to bypass the NC Home Inspector Licensure Board and gain control of the home inspection industry in North Carolina. Passage of this bill will be detrimental to poorer working class home buyers and open the door for unqualified general contractors to unfairly dominate the licensed home inspector roster. Additionally the requirement for a high school diploma will no longer apply. Do you really want you daughter’s, mom and dad’s home inspected by less than a high school graduate?

Additionally because there is no limitation in the existing home inspection standards SB1007 also opens the door for general contractors/home inspectors, after they have performed and inspection to perform repairs! It seems to me just another conflict of interest and opportunity to rip off the public.

Because these are changes to the NC statue to the Summary Section, which are not in the best interests of the public, it will be difficult to remedy within the licensing board.

The wording of the current bill is ambiguous and provides too many opportunities for unscrupulous inspectors to minimize defects and helps realtors ‘facilitate the sale’. The realtor’s position which has been publicly stated is the “home inspection is part of the real estate process and should be under the umbrella of the realtor interests”. Yes home inspection is part of the process, but needs to remain at more than arms length from realtors and to fulfill the law remain completely objective and unencumbered by corporate special interests.

There are many other items in SB1007 that are poorly thought through and are too numerous to include on this reply, but the consequences are serious.

If for no other reason, the fact that realtors and home builders bypassed the due process of the duties allocated to the North Carolina Home Inspection Licensure Board is sufficient reason to let this bill die the quick death is so deserves and in your committee.

Now I am going to comment in language that the thugs that participate in the legislative process, and if you vote for this bill without reading and understanding it and because a corporate special interest lobbyist tells to – then you are a thug! As an independent investigative journalist, with the power of the press and the Internet I can promise you a favorable vote on SB1007 will result in you next employment will be as a Piggly Wiggly bagger or alongside Jim Black making license plates. Please know that in the next election those sponsoring SB 1007 – HB979 will be held accountable! How will you explain getting in bed with the whores that, because of their greed, are formal participators in the current economic depression and furthering their agenda? The question remains, ‘Do you folks have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to these thugs and kick this bill to the curb?” Or will you sell you soul to the highest bidder?

George J. Gioiella
Kenly, NC
Carolina Educational Seminars
Guardian Residential Inspection Program (NC)
Home Inspector & Home Buyer Advocate
Member: InterNACHI – International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Cellular: 919-760-5587

:shock: Go get em George! :mrgreen:

Send this to the Attorney General’s office in Kansas; just change some of the wording. Realtors, insurance agents, I have even come across appraisers advising buyers of home defects. The life of the home inspection industry as we now know it is coming to an end.