Need a little help here,foundation

around 1960 build, old poured foundation is crumbling on the interior. Very damp basement with part dirt floor. Rusted steel support posts. Even have a sump pump in the middile of the dirt floor… High moisture causing it to crumble is my guess. What are some remedies/fixes? How should I report on the foundation?

Evidence of water intrusion into the basement was apparent. Wet conditions can cause deterioration of the house foundation, lead to mold growth, etc. We recommend an evaluation and repair as deemed necessary by a licensed general contractor or moisture control specialist.

Assuming no exterior issues vapor barrier should have been in place and long term deficiency has has led to associated issues.
List the issues

thanks, these issues have been herea long time.some of the steel support posts are rust out at the bottom. also three abondond water heaters rusted out at the bottom.

Lack of vapor barrier is the main cause then and you simply need to list all the symptoms as a result.

This is a good opportunity for you to document what happens when a basement is not maintained or constructed properly.
Heck even crawlspaces need a vapor barrier or open vents though conditioning is the modern thought.

That just looks terrible.(mold city)

I had one the other day, built in 1886, half basement, half crawl(s), no vapor barrier at front and back crawl spaces. Banked owned and had been closed up for at least 8 months.

Up to 44% moisture reading at floor joist in basement, 33% at interior brick foundation.

50% reading at two plaster/brick walls at main level at front of home.

It didn’t smell very damp or musty in the house was the surprising part.

It hasn’t rained here for a couple of weeks, dry as h*** the last few months.

My findings show what lack of proper vapor barrier and venting can do.