Need adive on clearence exit door

Well this is new one , Home inspection today had a new garage added. Problem One of 2 exit doors is partly blocked by Ac Unit, IS the any distance required for this listed If so what would it be I can not find anything about it Yes they had a permit when they built it.

I have referred it back to local building official

I believe there is an egress clearance minimum of 5 ft if this door can be needed as an emergency egress.

AC unit impeeds door from opening fully.

The door opens in. Therefore it does not impeed the door from opening.
I believe the minimum landing outside each exit door in the direction of travel is 36".

:oops::oops::oops: - DOH!

Thanks, I stand corrected.

This is a good rule of thumb, but generally (in residential construction), the required clearance is equal to the width of the door.

Door width requirements will vary depending on the building “occupancy” type - i.e. residential (typical SFR), multi-family (condo, townhouse, apartment, etc.), utility (garage, storage, etc.), etc.

below are some of the NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code) 2009 edition requirements for secondary means of escape in One & Two Family Homes :
**[FONT=NewBaskerville-Bold][size=1] Secondary Means of Escape: [/size][/FONT][FONT=NewBaskerville-Roman][size=1]The secondary means of escape, other than an existing approved means of escape, shall be one of the means specified in through
[FONT=NewBaskerville-Bold][size=1] [/size][/FONT][FONT=NewBaskerville-Roman][size=1]It shall be a door, stairway, passage, or hall providing a way of unobstructed travel to the outside of the dwelling at street or the finished ground level that is independent of and remote from the primary means of escape.
[FONT=NewBaskerville-Bold][size=1] [/size][/FONT][FONT=NewBaskerville-Roman][size=1]It shall be a passage through an adjacent nonlockable space, independent of and remote from the primary means of escape, to any approved means of escape.
[FONT=NewBaskerville-Bold][size=1] **[/size][/FONT][FONT=NewBaskerville-Roman][size=1]It shall be an outside window or door operable from the inside without the use of tools, keys, or special effort and shall provide a clear opening of not less than 5.7 ft[/size][/FONT][FONT=NewBaskerville-Roman][size=1]2 [/size][/FONT][FONT=NewBaskerville-Roman][size=1](0.53 m[/size][/FONT][FONT=NewBaskerville-Roman][size=1]2[/size][/FONT][FONT=NewBaskerville-Roman][size=1]). The width shall be not less than 20 in. (510 mm), and the height shall be not less than 24 in. (610 mm). The bottom of the opening shall be not more than 44 in. (1120 mm) above the floor. Such means of escape shall be acceptable where one of the following criteria is met:
(1) The window shall be within 20 ft (6100 mm) of the finished ground level.
(2) The window shall be directly accessible to fire department rescue apparatus as approved by the authority having jurisdiction.
(3) The window or door shall open onto an exterior balcony.
(4) Windows having a sill height below the adjacent finished ground level shall be provided with a window well meeting the following criteria:
(a) The window well shall have horizontal dimensions that allow the window to be fully opened.
(b) The window well shall have an accessible net clear opening of not less than 9 ft[/size][/FONT][FONT=NewBaskerville-Roman][size=1]2 [/size][/FONT][FONT=NewBaskerville-Roman][size=1](0.82 m[/size][/FONT][FONT=NewBaskerville-Roman][size=1]2[/size][/FONT][FONT=NewBaskerville-Roman][size=1]) with a length and width of not less than 36 in. (915 mm).
© A window well with a vertical depth of more than 44 in. (1120 mm) shall be equipped with an approved permanently affixed ladder or with steps meeting the following criteria:
i. The ladder or steps shall not encroach more than 6 in. (150 mm) into the required dimensions of the window well.
ii. The ladder or steps shall not be obstructed by the window.

As I understand it, the requirements are for egress doors. The home has to have 1 egress door which is generally the front door. It can have a secondary egress door but it is not required in residential. I don’t think a service door in the garage would be a required egress door.

I would point out that exiting through the door in an emergency would be restricted by the placement of the air conditioner and recommend that they consider moving it.

Thanks guys i wrote the the ac unit was mounted to close to the exit in my opinion and referred it back to local officials ( there was a permit taken out for the garage ). I wasn’t to excited because of the second rear exit.