Need Assistance with Multi-Unit Grow-Op

Hello everyone, just looking for some help regarding a recent inspection I performed on a multi-unit apartment building. Long story short, one tenant had a little grow-op going on in their unit, police busted him, and ESA came in and disconnected power to that unit.

Now the protocols in place in order for the power to be re-activated is for an air quality/mold inspection to be performed on the unit to determine the air quality and building is safe for the ESA to re-enter and turn the power back on. Now one clause in the protocol is for the lab results to be looked over by a either a Professional Engineer with a Masters in Occupational Hygiene, a Certified Industrial Hygienist, or a Registered Occupational Hygienist, and signing a declaration stating that the building is fit for occupancy and is free from biological and chemical hazards.

Now the question I have is, how do I locate this type of service for my client? Also, I found a small amount of mold in the basement of the unit, unrelated to the grow-op but still obviously in the report - I don’t believe there is need for remediation of this mold as it is not embedded in the wall board, just surface mold. But what if the lab results come back elevated? Am I then required to write out a remediation protocol? Or will a Mold Remediation Company have their own protocols in place?

Sorry for the big post, just need to clarify these issues.


Here is an excerpt from the ESA email sent to the client:

"The declaration must be provided directly to ESA by a third party, not the party performing the remedial work and the declaration must be accompanied by a supporting document providing the following information:

  • The standards or test method used for comparison (i.e. ACGIH TLV’s, Health Canada guidelines, etc. for chemical hazards, Analysis Method and Number for Mold Test)
  • The name and credentials of the person performing the sampling
  • The name and credentials of the laboratory performing the analysis and the name and credentials of the analyst
    -The method of sampling and analysis including description of sampling equipment, description of conditions under which sampling was undertaken, number of blanks (if required), analytical error, and findings
  • Quality control measures (calibration, chain of custody)
  • Conclusion of the tests and Recommendations
  • Declaration signed by either a Professional Engineer with a Masters in Occupational Hygiene, a Certified Industrial Hygienist, or a Registered Occupational Hygienist, stating that the building is fit for occupancy and is free from biological and chemical hazards."

As far as I am aware, I am qualified for all of the above, except for the last point?

They are wanting an Industrial Hygienist. Try this company . Also your ESA can probably give you some names.

As for as when to write a protocol goes: The IICRC S520 just requires guidance (not necessarily a fully written protocol) when a mold remediator asks for it. If the mold remediator does not ask for guidance, the liability falls upon the remediator.

Tyler - I would call ESA like James said and then consult one of those people. I wish I could help you, but I do not know how Canada works and if that is their “requirement” then it appears that you need them.

Maybe they can consult via long distance for a smaller fee. In other words you give them photos, you mold results and all information and they can assist you and then sign off on it. This may be an option and the first time doing anything is a pain. But now please do this. Right down your steps taken, people you talked to and lessons learned and then promote that you can do this hassle free…Make your contacts and it can be financially beneficial to YOU and the other professional.

See what I mean? Take this learning curve and turn it into a money maker…

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Just an idea…since you got lemons…make some lemonade…

Thats exactly what I’m looking to do with this Russel, I appreciate both yours and James’ input on the situation as this is my first time dealing with a grow-op situation, even more so I am still new to Home Inspections and Mold Inspections in general. All of my basic education is there, now it’s just climbing that mountain of knowledge to get to the top of my class when it comes the the field.

I actually have had more business doing Mold and Air Quality than Home Inspections since I started my business, and frankly I really enjoy them more also!

I will make some phone calls and stay on the right track to making my client happy and making some important contacts for the future.

Any other advice is greatly appreciated.