Need help on A/C age

Hey Guys,

Two requests…

  1. I have an Grandaire external unit Serial#JSD030403599/Model#JS3BD-042K. H/O claims it is 2010.??? Comments?

  2. What is a good source for researching DOM for a/c?

Thanks in advance!

looks like 2003

Thanks, kinda what I was thinking!

I had a homeowner/landlord say the same thing. He just knew that the unit was newer than what I documented. Had to show him proof and he finally gave up and said wow time flies!

Often, homeowners mistake the date of installation for the date of manufacture. Whereas the unit was sitting in the distributors warehouse for some years before sale and installation.

I use that site at least once a week for odd ball stuff, great site

Could be but 7 years is a long time in a warehouse. I’d tend to believe the home owner is mistaken/misinformed or he was given a used unit as new. There have been a few cases of units missing from vacant repoe’s being sold as new. Just a thought.