Need some Advice

have a foreclosed property on Saturday, no power etc, since October 07 I’m very hesitant about the furnace, gas forced air, I would just like to disclaim this but not sure any advice.

heck burners are probaly out anyway


I would advise to inspect and report as you see the components at the time of inspection.

If the furnace is old, no records of recent service and doesnt fire due to being off. Recommend an HVAC specialist to review before closing.

I aways explain to client if the house has been vacant for an extended time it can cause issues with plumbing.

So I would just advise to report on what you see and make sure you explain properly to your client.


Dave & Brian, sometime I just think to fast, instead of just relying on my instincts & personal charm

And take lots of pictures for backup. You never know when they will be needed.

Wouldn’t you want the HVAC specialist in before the end of the period for inspections has expired?

When I run into a furnace that can’t be run I still open it up and check for rust n dust. Check the piping and fiue, explain to the customer why I can’t run it tell 'em how old it is tell 'em what it is cat4, natural draft etc… Take pics and make sure I put in the report why it wasn’t run throgh a cycle. If it’s a old natural draft I’ll tell 'em why a newer furnace might be a good investment. Pretty much the same for water heater etc…

I just wanted to give a update on this inspection, even if I wanted to run the furnace cycle I could not, someone disconnected the supply line on the oil tank :shock: :shock: & where does oil go when you disconnect this line;-)