need some good IR before and after pics

Hey guys I am trying to do a marketing thing and need some good IR before and after hidden moisture pics. I know there is a bunch on the web but i dont have permission to use them. All of mine seem to lack a real wow factor that im looking for.


Your welcome to go through my websites and use some of mine if you like any of them.

Just let me know which ones you like and Ill send you the originals.

Shane I am going to be doing some camera testing on the new Testo 890 in a week or so. I can do some moisture ones and send them over to you. They will be 640x480 minimum (testing Testos super resolution) so they will be amazing looking.

If any of you guys in the Phx area have jobs coming up around the end of this month or want images for your site, etc…I need targets to shoot. Lots of defective targets.


Thanks Brandon and Jason!

Hey Bro come on out to Okla with that big boy I will show ya some good things to shoot :mrgreen::mrgreen:

If the camera does as advertised I should have some 1280x960 images pretty soon. I know of a 1280x960 native detector that is available to the “general public” but it is super expensive and it is just the core. No one has put it in to a portable system yet to my knowledge.

Testo has the technology patented but I still think the others will figure out a way to do something similar. Fusion (it’s still a trademark of Fluke) was patented, yet everyone has digital cameras with PiP, side by side and blending of IR and digital these days.