Need water heater info

Who makes Whirlpool water heaters? Anybody know how to determine the manufacture date?

Serial Number:
1st and 2nd numbers= year
3rd and 4th numbers= week

whirlpool makes them?

Pretty sure Whirlpool water heaters are re-labeled American water heaters.

There is a big problem currently with the “fusible” thermocouples going bad on newer models.

I looked at all the information I could find on the web about Whirlpool water heaters.
I found nothing about who they are made by or how to read the date in the serial number.

I did notice that their serial numbers are very similar to American.
Whirlpool serial # 0620127084
I was up against the clock and went with 2006.

I think aleleika and sparksnmore are correct, I wish I could verify this.

American, Craftmaster, Whirlpool, Pro Line, and Envirotemp all read the same.
1st and 2nd numbers of serial = year. 3rd and 4th numbers = week of manufacture.
So you were correct with a manufacture date of 2006.:cool:

Often times you will see just below the serial number the word “Year” corresponding to the 2 digits just above it.

it appears that us Craftmaster water heater company of Johnson City Tennessee makes some Of the Whirlpools at least.

Help we’ve been we have no hot water dor almost a week and have a 13mo old baby, from what I’ve researched this natural gas water heater has a T-couple that is no longer made is that correct? If so how would we go about replacing the thermocouple? Also I input the s/n and it not found am I entering the right one?

Well, for starters, try calling a local plumber. They can get your hot water service restored in hours.
That unit is now 16 years old, FWIW.

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Hello, maybe you have seen this website maybe you have not.
Simply put the model, serial, make and appliance type and it usually can give you a manufactured year.

However, it does sometimes give you multiple answers for dates. In that case I would call the manufacture and they can help you narrow it down.