netural not connected

I did an inspection today in which a 4 wire cable came into the box and 2 cables, the red and black were connected to a 2 pole breaker 50 amp breaker (A/C unit), the ground wire was connected to the bus bar and the white neutral was cut and bent back, not attached to a bus bar. Is this standard with 240v not to have the neutral connected?

It all depends on the appliance. If the circuit goes to a central AC unit, then it is ok. If the appliance is a combination 240 and 120 unit (Example, electric stove burners are 240 but the lights and computer is 120, then a neutral is required.) My guess is that it goes to the AC unit.

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Three wire 240 VAC circuits do not require a neutral.

Examples ,welders ,some wood working equipment,most electric water heaters .

Roy Cooke