Neutral bar jumper

Anyone seen this before?



Running across the Mains like so, I was not sure that is how it is suppose to be done. :slight_smile:

It’s not uncommon for me to see that. That is its intended purpose. It looks good from here.

Yes, I believe they’re used in some Siemens panels.

Thanks, was first time I seen it that way. :slight_smile:

And it was a Siemens Panel. Thanks:)

There’s no problem with it going across the bus bar and lugs like that? I usually see a jumper running behind.

It’s doesn’t contact the live bus although it may appear to in the photo. Since it’s locked into place on both ends it cannot inadvertently move.

Yes I have seen it and the jumper looks factory made.

I have seen it before it is a common practice.

Hello All,

So as you know I am going to add an additional comment.

Since it is obvious that we are not dealing with a service enclosure due to the lack of the service disconnect and more than (6) OCPD’s. I would have recommended the removal of the green MBJ screw that is still installed in the grounded/neutral buss.

Why…well we have no idea of knowing if it is screwed in, touching the metal and not screwed in or is awaiting for someone who gains a little knowledge from an online forum and tries to do some HOME WIRING and says…hey that green screw needs to be screwed in…and whamo…you now have an improper case to neutral connection down stream of your service equipment.

Again since HI’s are geared to safety any recommendation that protects someone from themselves is valued information…you HI’s are professionals and giving advice is what you do…might be nice to say…remove the green screw…and then let someone else do it.

Just a thought…

OH…Yes that jumper bar is fine…

Paul I like your posts.

Thanks Roy…I think my posts are an Acquired Taste…lol…some like them and some don’t.:slight_smile: I am glad you have good taste…:wink:

Didn’t you do an Electrical video for NACHI?

Yes, I sure did.

I seen it and I learned a lot from it.
Darn good vid.
Do you happen to have a booklet or the such ?

Thanks Paul, that is good to know for the next time I see that. :slight_smile:

If you have not gotten the book on “How to perform electrical inspections” then I would get with Ben Gromicko and see about getting that book. Not the holy grail of electrical but a good document to help if you are new to intermediate for electrical issues. If you are advanced like many are here then the book will only serve as a reminder.

I really wish they would contact me about a revised edition as many things need to be changed, updated and elaborated on in a new edition but alas…no one has contacted me so who knows.

You funny guy…I am sure you already tell people to take that freakin screw out…:wink: