Neutral wire question on service drop

Sorry no photo of this one. We had a tropical storm come through yesterday and a tree fell on my neighbors house and disconnected her service drop from the telephone pole which broke the neutral wire. Her power was still on and she asked me if it was safe I told her to turn it off at the main breaker until the utility company fixed it. Just for the hell of it I plugged my outlet tester in a few outlets in her home and I was expecting to see an open neutral but everything checked out normal. Why and how if the neutral is disconnected at the service drop would this show normal on a tester

Because the home likely has a grounding system which the current is then flowing to.


Thus the need to shut the power off before someone gets electrocuted from touching something metal, especially if you have copper or galvanized plumbing!!


Ok, thank you. This makes sense now

I told her to shut it off at the main and she did. She is staying at her daughters house until they fix it

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