New article: A Duty to Warn: A Home Inspector's Guide to Immediate Hazards.

Nice article Nick. The problem I mostly come in contact with,is the issue mentioned with the garage/dwelling separation. I make a point of informing the seller as well as their agents if they’re present.


Very well done article!
Maybe InterNachi should come up with Danger signs that we can put in with contact info as to why it was left with the Home Owner.

Nick is going to modify the article slightly. While the iinspector may have a duty to warn, it is not universal. He/she does not have an actual duty to warn in every circumstance, as the duty is far too open ended.

Perhaps we can segregate this slightly by stating that the inspector has NO duty to warn, not does he/she have a duty to discover every dangerous situation. The problem comes down to this org recommending an action or stating that the duty exists, when in fact it does not. One inspector recommends writing up when two rises exist and there is no handrail. it is his right, but I do not dollow that model. Not saying he is wrong; just saying it is noit something I should be forced to do.

For instance, I do not warn the seller of an opening in the electrical dead front cover. I WILL warn them about burned wires inside the panel if I see them.

I do not warn the sellers of a falling hazzard at the edge of the property where a retaining wall exists, but I will warn the buyers of the condition.

There is no absolute

Joe, I’m glad you are on top of this, fortunately there have been very few lawsuits involving inspectors who were sued for not warning people of imminent danger… Because, if we’re not careful we’ll have some guy telling its our duty to warn people about appliance recalls and all that goes along with that.

When it comes to warning my customers of something I tend to serve it room temperature without any emotion, there is already enough drama in my life.

LMAO…someone is stirring the pot…Too damn funny :smiley:

No pot stirring whatsoever… There are enough ‘well meaning’ individuals in the world who think I should be doing something other than what it is I’m currently doing (like those who imposed this asinine licensing bullsh!t into our lives)… I have no need to expand the list of ‘duties’ other people think I’m responsible for. :neutral:

I picked up on that also! LOL