New article on how plants can improve indoor air quality

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“Newer, tighter homes are especially problematic, since they limit the amount of fresh air that can make its way into the interior.”

New homes are especially problematic when materials with less VOC offgassing are not selected and a proper whole house ventilation system is not installed.

From the American Lung Association:
**The airtight more healthy house **(based on principles and practices originally learned from Canada’s R2000 home system- BM comment)

What is a Health House® home?
A Health House® home gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your new home has a healthy, safe, durable and energy efficient environment. Our homes are built to the most stringent building standards in the U.S., which include site inspections during construction and performance testing upon completion.

What are the advantages of building a Health House® home?

  • Improved air quality and a comfortable living environment
  • Materials and building products that are less toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Greater durability and energy efficiency
  • A program that helps you make informed choices
  • A better performing home requiring less maintenance
  • A home that retains its value over time
  • A marketing tool for resale

What are the typical components of a Health House® Home?

  • Foundation waterproofing and moisture control
  • Advanced framing techniques
  • Air sealing and advanced insulation techniques (an airtight house- BM)<
  • Energy efficient, high performance windows
  • Energy efficient and sealed combustion appliances
  • High efficiency air filtration
  • Whole house ventilation
  • Humidity control
  • Carefully selected and reviewed interior finishes