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"‘Build Tight, Ventilate Right’ to Breathe Easier"

Orlando Sentinel (02/15/04) P. J2; Sheinkopf, Ken

A common myth suggests energy-efficient homes that prevent outdoor air from getting inside also have the undesirable effect of increasing indoor air-pollution. However, experts counter that letting outdoor air inside without proper controls is what allows moisture and pollutants to enter the home. According to Florida Solar Energy Center project director Subrato Chandra, indoor air problems can be solved with tightly sealed, energy-efficient homes that are accompanied by adequate ventilation, filtering, and dehumidification. Thorough vacuuming and the elimination of wet carpets, worn insulation, pesticides, and poorly vented stoves and furnaces, among other things, are also important. Homeowners should
install exhaust hoods and open windows when using kerosene heaters, paints, or chemicals to encourage airflow.

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