new blower door for sale

I have a new blower door for sell or trade , I had no luck getting the residents in this area interested in this application in energy audits. if interested call me 208-851-2145, thanks for looking Jim

How much are you looking for?

what kind of blower door is it?

Price and model as well…year bought?

This is reply to all interested in this Blower Door I puchased this door last year 2008 cost me 2395.00 ,it’s a Infiltec model E-3 , I would like 2000.00 you pay shipping ou can e-mail me at thanks for the interest Jim

I would luv to have it but capital is low so would have to trade horses for blower door:D:D:D but I could put you in the horse business real easy;-)

how much and what type and how old is your blower door

Byron you did not read the post date it is very old …("1/20/09, 4:39 PM ")

Weatherization Company Downsizing and Selling Minneapolis Blower Doors for $900 + Shipping. They are complete and working. They come with the DG 700 manometer. The terms of sale are :
send check to business address once payment clears then it ships.
That simple! If Interested please email me at : or call me @ 214-678-0405. Don’t have many left.


I do have some blower doors for Sale. They are the Minneapolis blower doors with the DG700 manometer. They are working units . They are 2009 and 2010 units. They where used for the Weatherization Program. We are asking for $900 each + shipping or you send us pre-paid labels . The terms of the sale are as follows:

  1. Send a check or money order to our business.
  2. Send a pre-paid shipping Label to us with the shipping service that you would like. ( Be sure that you keep a copy of the shipping label to track shipment) Or we can just pay us for shipping and we will let you know the cost .
  3. We will not ship items till the funds clear.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Tel : (214)678-0405

Hi Juan
Which model is the door
I Send you an E-mail for shipping cost, sounds very cheap

Kevin… post is 2 years old.

I really hope people think twice before just sending $900+ off to this guy.

Why? Pedro sounds like an honest guy. Do you suggest a secure system like PayPal or Ebay?


contact before purchase
Weatherization Management Group, LLP
5949 Sherry Ln., Ste. 960
Dallas, TX 75225
Tel: 214-678-0405
Fax: 214-661-7632

Since when does a **reputable **company withhold shipping until the check clears?

Just sayin’.

I recently purchased a “used” ultrasonic detector" in working condition" on Ebay for $850. When I received it, I found it didn’t have a battery and the battery terminal was missing even if it had a battery. I sent it back immediately for a refund. The seller even paid my return freight if I would change my negative review. I would never buy something with the condition that my check has to clear first. Never have, never will. Yo no soy un estúpido

And yet, I still get at least a few emails a week from Nigeria or elsewhere. **Somebody **is falling for it, or else they would have stopped long ago!:neutral:

Here’s one for $1000 but it specifies no returns.