New CCPIA Article: How to Price Commercial Building Inspections

New CCPIA Article: How to Price Commercial Building Inspections - by Rob Claus

It reviews multiple approaches to price commercial inspections and provides insight on writing commercial inspection proposals.

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Looks like a adv to join!

Claude is correct. This post is misleading. It is not a link to an article about pricing commercial inspections. Instead it is a link to get people to pay $400 to join another organization. Recommend removing this post since it is misleading.

Same here also; Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association – Building Excellence
If you’re curious enough to see the articles, it’s going to cost you $399. :wink:

Surprising and disappointing that the InterNACHI Staff who started this thread hasn’t responded. Lowers my opinion of CCPIA

This forum “Commercial Inspections / CCPIA” is a place where CCPIA-members and commercial inspectors can discuss commercial inspections and follow CCPIA announcements.

The membership to CCPIA is all-access, so yes, you do need to be a member to access the resources like this one.

Not helpful to InterNACHI members. Maybe CCPIA can add a message board for its members. Probably good information, but misleading to post here.

I agree, since the only way to find out if it is worth joining, is to be able to register in the forum and read what other Members say and what they think of the Association.
Soliciting for Members here until someone can give some sort of review of the Association may take some time to discover.