New Chicago Permit Rule

The fair City of Chicago, building Department, has instituted a new proceedure and it’s very cool.

In Chicago, owners, or their architects on the owners behalf, must apply for building permits for new construction, conversions or remodeling. Some of the owners want to do their own work or have ‘less than qualified’ people do the work. Chicago requires that practically every trade by licensed by the county (which Chicago pretty much dominates) and licensing is very dependant on being Union and/or hiring Union people.

So, the brain trust in the Building Dept. came up with this idea.

As part of the application, the applicant must supply the GCs e-mail address. The Dept. then sends out an e-mail to the GC. If it bounces back as invalid or the GC fails to respond in a specific period of time or the GC e-mails back that they know nothing about the job, the City fines the applicant $1000.00 for filing a false application.

Sweet Home Chicago :mrgreen:

Hi Will, I will wait and see, we stillhave the non permited work to deal with and you know what some of the flippers are doing for work, I hope it pans out.

Hope springs eternal.

Hope this helps.