NEW! E-Book: Making Money with Infrared for Home Inspectors - $39.99

Hey Guy’s-

Here is an infrared E-book that everyone can afford. You can download a free trial version here: FREE TRIAL

The cost of the book is $39.99 for a limited time. The book is designed for inspectors evaluating the opportunity of infrared in the home inspection industry. There are some tips and information that would be valuable for all but the focus is definitely on the beginning infrared home inspector.

**Key topics: ** Camera selection, Basic Infrared Applications, Marketing to Realtors, Channel Marketing; Marketing to Consumers, and Pricing Strategy

It is worth mentioning that this is not intended to certify or train home inspectors in thermography. It is an E-book about the opportunity and offers some good advice on how to get started in the infrared business as a home inspector.

I just received a question via email.

Question: “Is the content in the E-Book the same as the Webinar”?

Answer: Yes and No. The content is presented in a limited format in the E-book. The webinar is an expanded version and also has the added value of group discussion.

Nice work Steven. Thanks!

The free trial is 15 pages long, how long is the whole book?

46 pages cover cover.

Worth every penny judging from the free trial. You need to come on and promote the book.

Thanks Nick. Very kind words.

Re: the offer - Don’t you know - I am camera shy!

Soon, it won’t be long now. Delighted to be offered the opportunity and I will take you up on it soon.

This from the host of over 100 episodes of HGTV’s House Detective.

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