New, free 15-year pins will be shipped out next month.

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Good news can you tell us how many 15 year members are there ./
Thanks … Roy

Cool, I just need to wait one more year. :slight_smile:

Same here, Marcel…:smiley:

Same here Marcel and Larry. I think the three of us joined within a few months of each other.
Amazing how time flies.

Edit: Just checked, we all joined in July!

15 years should get a free house .

Times flies by quick, huh!:slight_smile:

What did you guys say?

My bride says I need t turn my hearing aides up…:mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

Yep had one for years , Char Too.


Golden Years they call it. That’s when you keep running to the Doctor and start falling apart. ;):wink:

Yes but that sure is better then the alternative .
Char and I are both still very active and well past 80 .

The Team 009.jpg


Congrats Roy, you and Char are looking good. Very nice picture.
Live long and Prosper as the saying goes. ;):slight_smile: