New FREE logo design for Precision Home Inspections

In this logo, a capital P is integrated into a target graphic to reinforce the name “Precision”. The logo and the name work together. The primary reason for including an image in your logo is because that image helps people remember your specific company name. If your company name doesn’t connect well to a particular image, the best route might be to use a wordmark logo or a logo based only on the font’s design (like FedEx, Mobil, or Craftsman).

For more info on logos go here: Marketing for Inspectors: Questions to Help Think Through a Good Logo - InterNACHI® and here: Redesigning Bad Home Inspection Logos

I wouldn’t buy a home without an inspection, so why try to set up a design all on your own without professional support?

Have your marketing professionally designed by the InterNACHI design team. The design services are free. Place your custom print order here:

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Very nice, Levi…you score a bull’s eye on that one. :+1:

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Nice logo.