New free logo designed for Badger Home Inspection

Have your marketing professionally designed by the InterNACHI design team. The design services are free. All you have to do is place an order for a product here:

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Really cool logo.

Honestly, how dumb do you have to be, to be a non-member? Too dumb to inspect IMHO.


Hey folks, If you were curious at all. This is how you design a logo.

One of the biggest misconceptions concerning logo design is that the logo should inform people of what you do. This is not the goal of successful logo design. Everybody can read the services that you provide from your company name (if they cannot read chances are that they probably are not purchasing a house either). The trick is to get people to remember you instead of the other guy. This guy’s company name is “Badger” the graphic is of a badger. This means that even if I forget his company name, I have the graphic to remind me of what it was. The name reinforces the graphic and the graphic reinforces the name. This is how you brand your company.

If he had named his company B.P.I., crammed the name under the unnecessary acronym and put a house over the top in red,white, and blue I would not be talking about this logo.

That’s an awesome one, Levi!