New FREE logo designed for Checklist Home Inspections

I wouldn’t buy a home without an inspection, so why try to set up a design all on your own without professional support?

Have your marketing professionally designed by the InterNACHI design team. The design services are free. Place your custom print order here:

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For more info on logos go here: Marketing for Inspectors: Questions to Help Think Through a Good Logo - InterNACHI® and here: Redesigning Bad Home Inspection Logos


Looks good, Levi! :+1:

Even pilots have a checklist the go over before their flight.


Nice logo.

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Nice Logo @lnelson1

:white_check_mark: Roof, Attic, Insulation

:white_check_mark: Structure

:white_check_mark: Exterior

:white_check_mark: Interior

:white_check_mark: Plumbing

:white_check_mark: Electrical

:white_check_mark: Heating

:white_check_mark: Air Conditioning

:white_check_mark: At the time of the inspection …

:white_check_mark: Recommendation: ACTION REQUIRED: The roof needs to be evaluated by a roofing contractor, because there’s a pattern of cracks in the shingles that suggest premature failure due to defective materials or poor warehousing.

:white_check_mark: Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. Inasmuch as we never know who will be occupying or visiting a property, whether it be children or the elderly, we ask you to consider following these general safety recommendations: install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; identify all escape and rescue ports; rehearse an emergency evacuation of the home; upgrade older electrical systems by at least adding ground-fault outlets; never service any electrical equipment without first disconnecting its power source; safety-film all non-tempered glass; ensure that every elevated window and the railings of stairs, landings, balconies, and decks are child-safe, meaning that barriers are in place or that the distance between the rails is not wider than three inches; regulate the temperature of water heaters to prevent scalding; make sure that goods that contain caustic or poisonous compounds, such as bleach, drain cleaners, and nail polish removers be stored where small children cannot reach them; ensure that all garage doors are well balanced and have a safety device, particularly if they are the heavy wooden type; remove any double-cylinder deadbolts from exterior doors; and consider installing child-safe locks and alarms on the exterior doors of all pool and spa properties.

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