New FREE logo designed for Florida Home Inspection Specialist

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Nice, Levi! :smile:

Very nice logo.

So… as a newbie and no where NEAR the inspections to get a CPI… is this an InterNACHI lower level badging or just something another subscriber designed for personal use?

Hi Robert, I design logos for members and post good designs into this forum as examples. This is a nice logo that I created for another InterNACHI member. The link in the text goes to the marketing materials. InterNACHI Marketing InterNACHI pays a marketing team to help members create design work for their new business at no charge, the ordering costs are only for the materials themselves. Once the logos are designed we send the inspectors files of their new logo and the design belongs to them. Hopefully, that covers all of your questions.

I guess what I’m asking is… Is this another level of ‘certification’ with InterNACHI like the Trademarked CPI or CMI? I just want to be clear this is not a recognized level of certification from InterNACHI… just a idea another inspector is taking to get a bit more professional appearance as he works his way to CPI.

If so… I’m gonna steal this idea… there you go… just pleaded guilty if this ‘idea’ is not Trademarked and use my own company logo!!

I just saw the small LLC at the end and realized what it truly is… please excuse any confusion!

On that note to Nick Gromicko… is there a lower level of ‘certification’ InterNACHI has for display for us Newbies?