New FREE logo designed for Honey Home Inspections

Have your marketing professionally designed by the InterNACHI design team. The design services are free with every custom print order. Place your custom print order here:

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Nive logo, Levi… :smile:

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I would’ve gone with sweet logo, but I see what you did there. :grinning: Thanks, Larry.

That’s cool.

Yeah! I am excited to start using these on my marketing pieces! Thank you very much Levi!

You are welcome Ryan, good working with you. The logo turned out really nice. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works on the marketing.

Nice work, Levi.
Marketing. … Hm. How about: Honey inspections offer High-quality reporting consistency insuring your home is suitable and safe for long-term occupancy. Give Honey Home Inspections a buzz today at XXX XXX-XXXX.

How many generations of inspectors are in the Gromicko family? At first I was not sure if I was getting names mixed up but I’m noticing 3 so far. :raised_hands:t2: You guys rock!

And I have an 18 month-old. He’s getting a flashlight for his second birthday. :wink: