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Great logo again Levi

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Very nice logo!

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Great logo with the stethoscope, Levi. :+1:

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Nice logo.

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I’ve had Property Doc registered in Virginia since 2020 and my current logo since the fall. Not trying to be a jerk, but this is really close to my brand that I’ve spent a significant amount of time and money building. This feels very close to infringement. The name resemblance isn’t a big deal at all, but the combination of the similar name and logo sucks.

Hi Dylan, unfortunately with similar names, similar images are common. With any specific theme, there are a limited number of effective visual solutions. This is especially true for this specific name since many medical symbols cannot legally be used in logo designs that do not directly apply to medical services. You can legally use a stethoscope or a character…and that’s about it. Since I have started I have made 4 logos for companies with a similar name, but all of the logos are very different. Two of the others are character logos and another one from about 5 years ago involves a different, stylized stethoscope with a different approach. As long as all of your fonts, colors, and formatting are entirely different I wouldn’t worry about having some similarities to a company that you will not be competing with. This inspector is nowhere near Virginia.