New free logo designed for Qualitas Home Inspections

Have your marketing professionally designed by the InterNACHI design team. The design services are free. All you have to do is place an order for a product here:

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Very nice. Typically, how much design input is from the Member, and how much from the designer? Do most have an idea already of what they want?

In this instance the member already had a shield design concept that I was just refining and simplifying. Most people come to us with a concept in mind. I send out a questionnaire to try to get a feel for what the inspector is looking for in a logo, the types of colors that they want to see, the style of logo etc. I give feedback if the concept is not working at all, or if I have a approach that might work better. Sometimes members take the feedback, other times they don’t want feedback. I always try to set up a concept based off of the direction that the inspector is looking for and to design the best logo possible with the direction that I am given.

Thanks Levi.