New free logo designed for Ramsgate Home Inspections

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Very memorable too.

This is another example of an excellent logo design.

The reason that it works so well is due to word-image association. It says Ramsgate and has an image of a ram to reinforce the name. That means that I will remember this guy’s company name when I go to look for a home inspector.

The other reason that it works so well is that it is not a house over text in an industry that is over-saturated with images of houses/roofs/buildings/magnifying glasses over text (this is not to say that those types of logos are necessarily bad, there are just an awful lot of them around). A good logo design is not to show people what you do, it is to help people quickly recall your name first and associate that name with quality. Keep that in mind when you have your logo designed.

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Excellent one!