New FREE logo designed for Rock Solid Home Inspections

Have your marketing professionally designed by the InterNACHI design team. The design services are free. All you have to do is place an order for a product here:

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Not being picky. But a number of these logo’s seem to have the same kind of look and colors or is it just me?

The colors are all different:

But if you want a flashy, loud logo, you aren’t going to get it from us. A logo should look nice, but not pull the viewers attention away from the marketing message. Don’t waste your precious ad space on your brochure or website with a huge version of your loud logo or company name. That just makes you look unsophisticated. I see so many brochures and websites that have the inspectors name taking up 1/3 or more of the prime space. Marketing isn’t about you. It’s about your message.

Also, it’s a tricky thing. A logo has to work on letterhead (paper), on the internet (screen), on a brochure (glossy), on a business card (small), perhaps on a truck sign (big), and perhaps on a company shirt (embroidered).

But most importantly, it has to look professional. Many of our members market to real estate agents. Real estate agents are in the marketing business (that’s what they do… they market), so all your marketing has to look as if a pro designed it. This is particularly important since inspectors are marketing to professional marketers. Agents may not be able to recognize a defect in a home when they see it, but they damn sure can recognize a weak marketing piece.

I know many members are tempted to have their spouse make them a logo that consists of their initials or their company’s initials under a roof graphic with a bald eagle centered above it and an American flag on each side in super bright colors. Resist that temptation.

it looks good