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Finally, a logo without a roof w/chimney and/or a magnifying glass:D

Haha good catch Edward. We stopped posting those logos awhile back. We finish around 5-10 roof/magnifying glass logos a week, but only post the logos that are a bit more effective in the branding realm. So for every 1 effective design created we have 3 or 4 folks who want more or less the exact same design with very slight variations. This is why I harp so much on trying to step out from the herd a little bit, most inspectors have the exact same logo as every other realtor, construction company and home inspector in their area. The problem with having the same logo as everybody else is that you blend in rather than stand out. A good logo design should make you distinctive.

What Levi said.

Out of this world.

Watch this short video on how InterNACHI’s Marketing Team designs business logos from scratch.