New Hampshire 2006 Calendar of Events

New Hampshire Chapter of NACHI
Calendar of Events

[FONT=Arial][size=5]Dear members,

We formed our New Hampshire Chapter in February and since then the duly elected officers have had 12- different meetings in regards to;
{1.} The defeat of House Bill 642
{2.} Planning a comprehensive plan as to our future meetings
{3.} Planning Educational Seminars for our continuing educational needs.
As your Secretary I apologize for the delay in bringing you this Calendar of events. Like all good things we feel that the quality of the meetings and educational seminars will prove that it was worth the wait.
This letter is to inform you of the schedule of monthly meetings, at the Yard Restaurant in Manchester, for the remainder of this year. As the Courtyard requires a minimum of 20 attendees we request RSVP’s for all meetings.
The agenda for these meetings is designed to give us 3 CEU’s per meeting;
Starting at 6:00 pm. there will be a half hour of gathering, giving us the opportunity to talk and leeway for late arrivals if needed.
We would like to start eating by 6:30 and be done by 7:00. This would work smoothly if we have the meal catered at $35.00 per person. Two selections from the menu will need to be chosen a week prior to the meeting. If we have less than 2 0 members attend, we can order off the menu, which is ala Carte, but just placing our orders for a 6:30 start would take some coordination. A lot of business to take care of in the first hour!
For the remainder of the meeting, approximately two hours will be devoted towards education. Some tentative selections have been established for this letter but the topics are open. This will give us 1-CEU for the meeting and 2 more CEU’s for the total of 3 CEU’s.

The following dates have been selected but not cast-in stone.

Wednesday night; July 26, 2006
I will give a discussion on adding pictures to the report (open for pros and cons from all)

Wednesday night; August 23, 2006
Over-current protection and grounding / bonding
Marcus Hutnick will talk about over-current protection and grounding / bonding

Wednesday night; September 27, 2006
Construction Litigation / Legal assistance
Attorney Mike Scott {tentative}

Friday night; October 27, 2006
Radon in air and water
Granite State Analytical {tentative}

We will need a date for middle to late November as I was told December is filled with parties.

Also would like to plan a full Saturday with two topics. September / October for a total of 8-Hours and 8-CEU’s.

Most of you are aware that our for the past few years our Chapter Vice President Marcus Hutnick has taught a recognized and accredited Residential Home Inspector’s course for Northern Essex College.
He has graciously accepted our requests to teach this course to our Chapter. As the majority of our members are already established Home Inspectors and have varying degrees of experience, Marcus is making this course available to our Chapter on a modified basis.

As of yet, this agenda {as posted} does not full fill the 24 hours so this will be a topic of discussion at our July meeting.

We look forward to your input, ideas and meeting everyone again!

John Hastings
Landmark Home Inspections LLC
30 Beverly Street
Newport, NH 03773
Phone: 863-6763 Cell: 748-0740