New Inspector Exploring Options

Hello there everyone.

I’m a new inspector and I’m completing my Florida State lic. down at House of Horrors in Weston Florida (using the Florida State lic. credit as a marketing tool only as I’m located in Ontario Canada and lots of snowbirds who fly south during winters may recognise this and may give me an advantage).

Anyone im located 45 mins north of Toronto in Barrie and am exploring options such as purchasing a franchise or taking over from someone looking to retire such as a soft handoff or something or even working as an employee until I’m strong enough to really be on top of my game. of course there are things to consider such as non competition clauses etc etc but does anyone know or have any contacts that maybe able to help in one of these areas?

I’d be willing to travel 100 miles or like 150kms radius from Barrie to clients in the case of being an employee and would be willing to consider things such as royalties etc in the case of business takeover etc.

any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance

A good start is to add your phone number and email so people can get in touch with you .
If you would spend some time on this forum you will see many do as you want to do and see how few make it .

Ahh yes great idea. I should definitely get on that. …doing so as I type this now.

Thanks Roy

Hey Gary,

I like where your head is at. I am in a similar situation. Basically i am trying to find the best streams of client getting for my business.

If something like a buyout, business rollover or royalties worked out for you i would love to hear about it and if you did do this how the business went after the transition.


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Good luck!!

Now UNDO what Cooke told you to do, and place the info where it belongs… in your Signiture!!

Thanks Mitch!

Hey Gary.

Sorry for the late reply. Have some medical issues happening at the homestead.

How have you made out?

I know geographically we each have our own challenges but you said you were basically on the same idea.


lol thanks!

Im on it!

BTW its (705) 241-9776