New InterNACHI "Click to Verify" webseal.

Click on and wait 4 seconds.

Something we’re working on.



Will there eventually be a better copy so we can print it .
This is missing some detail… Cookie


I didn’t have to do anything my website was automatically updated to the new certification seal.

so was mine

As was mine but the ‘quality’ of the image is poor… Chris???

Change seal-tb.gif to seal.gif in your code and it should be a lot better. You were using the copy that was for black backgrounds.

Thanks Chris…

still looks a little ‘clipped’ at 8 and 2 o’clock, but very acceptable…:mrgreen:

Yeah, unfortunately the graphic looks best on either black or white. I’m looking into ways to clean it up a bit but the way that GIF transparency works you can use alpha channels so you can’t bleed the background colors through the image. That’s the best file for you to be using. If I update it, it’ll automatically update on your site.


Looks great on my website. - Thanks

You do great work Chris… Thanks

Love FetchReport, and so do all my clients…:smiley:

Mine is on a black background and degraded where it says click to verify and on the outside edges.

I love how it switches back and forth every few seconds :smiley:

I will try and re enter.

I thought that was the best part about the new logo! Auto populated my site also, thanks to the CODER…Chris!


I tweaked it a little more. Looks better, eh?