New InterNACHI inspection gallery image: 'Wall Exhaust Termination Clearances for Ducts Serving Type I Hoods'


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Some of the wording is a little confusing. The adjacent building is attached. If you merely mean adjacent it should be shown as a separate building to avoid confusion. Obviously adjacent could also apply to an attached structure but the illustration implies it ONLY means attached.

NFPA 96 7.8.3 uses the the language “…minimum 10 ft of clearance from the outlet to the adjacent building…”. While IBC states, “not less than 10 feet horizontally from parts of the same or contiguous building…”. This is something that’s elaborated on the in the the upcoming life safety course.

Adjacent means “next to” not “attached to.” I have the code and am well aware of the wording. My point is that your illustration shows an “attached” building which could lead some to believe it must be attached to fit under the ten foot rule. A space between the two buildings would better illustrate adjacent. Mine is a very literal point of view because there is little room for ambiguity in code.

I think that it could go either way. If I add a space, that could lead someone to believe the clearance only applies to a separate building. I could add “same or contiguous building” in parentheses in the description for clarification.