New "Job" section added to the forum

Under Miscellaneous Inspection Topics you will see a “Jobs” link. We welcome members to post for help wanted or seeking employment. Hope everyone finds it useful!


This is great Lisa! Followed up with an email to members I hope. :wink:

I will get it added to the newsletter :wink:

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Maybe you can encourage people to fill out their signature and profile so we know how to respond to them depending on the part of the country they are in.

A signature is free generic SEO.



I love it.

Lisa Endza, You’re The Best!
I am looking for a full time home inspector shortly.

Que @nsilwal2…5…4…3… :wink:


Which city or location do you need.

I can’t believe you nailed that :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Morning, Nischal.
I am situated in Montreal, Quebec Canada. Before the pandemic I received upwards of 30 calls weekly. Likely this pandemic will hobble the industry for the next year. Using the term shortly was a mistake on my part. It should have been made more wittingly. Moreover, The candidate should be developed with 100 reports under their belt.
Unfortunately though, this well meant thread has gone to hell with two of InterNACHI’s jokers trolling once again.
Too bad. So sad Lisa Endza’s thread will be smudged.

I concur. An excellent observation.

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