New logo designed for Duneland Home Inspections

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Nice touch would be to show links to the members sites upon creation.

That’s a good idea Bob, if he has a site up.

You can see all our member’s websites by clicking on them from here:

Why you gonna make us work for it.
Throw it on there darn it.
Trying to remember or find these links is a nightmare on the site.:wink:

It is a good exercise to look at other inspector’s websites from time to time. Doing so might give an inspector some fresh ideas for his/her own inspection website.

Agreed but you got me wrong.
My suggestion is to either put a link to his website or a link to the logo page everytime you post a new logo.

Might increase view time on here eh ?

Some members aren’t proud of their websites. That’s why they had us create them a new logo in the first place.

Members should, for SEO purposes, include a link to their websites in their message board signatures though.

Thanks for the great artwork! Yes, it’s taken longer than we anticipated to get the website up to a point that we felt comfortable launching with. It still needs some work, but I feel it’s a decent starting point.