New logo for Desert Vista Home Inspections

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Nice…(beat Nick)
Has some pop to it. (color )plus a subliminal message.:slight_smile:

Bob, you be in charge of replying to these from now on.

this one is nice! I too like the color pop.

I really like the logo. It looks good on all my printed materials as well. Can’t wait to have it embroidered on the shirts and hats. Thanks Levi!!


  1. Click on the Control Panel tab at the top left of the message board.
  2. Under Settings & Options click on Edit Signature.
  3. Scroll down to Upload Signature Picture.
  4. Clickon Browse and find your logo.
  5. Click on Upload.
  6. Scroll up to the **Signature: edit box **and put your cursor where you want your logo to appear in your signature .
  7. Scroll down and click on the Insert Signature Picture link.
  8. Click on Save Signature.

SEO Tip: Make sure your signature contains a live link to your inspection business website. This instantly gives you a lot of link juice (proportional to how many posts you’ve made).

Thanks for the tip. This marketing thing is all new to me. I have always worked off of word of mouth. Hope this all pays off. Lots of work involved.