New NACHIGauge versions in. Order or download your FREE trial version.

Great software, user friendly, clients love it, couldn’t ask for anything more…!!

I already own a copy of Homegauge. Is the NACHIgauge any different?

Yes, the name sounds much better. Other than that, you’ll have to ask Russel. It is my understanding that owners of NACHIGauge can charge an extra $75 per inspection. :cool:

NACHIGauge has two NACHI templates to choose from, NACHI logo along with yours on the cover page (call for free customization, logo placement etc.) and we will incorporate the NACHI inspector agreement if you use it or your own.

If you already own HomeGauge, download and run the NACHIGAUGE install over top of yours and it will give you the NACHI templates. Call or email us to request a NACHI logo on your coverpage. 877-274-4299 or

…Thank you Dale

Yes Nick, I heard the same thing:nachi: