New one a first for me

Comm. bld. 8 stats, set stats to 80 degrees it was 70 inside. Heats came on for about 3 min and shut off. Went to stats all said interior temps 80, which of course it wasnt. Switched to ac set stats to 60, all came on for about 3 min and shut off… Went to stats and all read 60 thats why they stopped.

So my obvious question is why? Did they put sensors in the supply side ducts and if so why?

Sounds like an automated control system. The only thing controlling the system is a computer somewhere with preset control points. The stats are nothing more than remote sensors for the system. The true temp is not shown on the stats. If the stats showed true temperatures, there is a 0% chance they would all be identical.


This. And the control system could be anywhere, even in another state. I recently inspected a former mattress chain store that had a similar system being controlled from Texas, and I’m in Central Illinois.

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Thank you…

The stats are sometimes programmed to give the tenant say 2F (+/-), that’s 4 degrees, control. It will not respond to 80F or 60F set points. The controller may also rotate which unit runs so not all can run at the same time.

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