New site traffic rankings. The most popular inspection-related sites.

Why isn’t my companies web site there? I am ranked at 3,191,971.

Is this list only of association sites, and not individual sites?

Fixed Will.

Don’t get me wrong. I was not trying to brag, or slamming anyone.

Just wondering if the filtering was only for association or group sites, or just .org sites.

But thanks, anyway.

Guess my old job came in handy :mrgreen:

Wohoo! Thanks for the update Nick.

Will your meta tags have you at number 30
Now what I am trying to figure out is where your traffic is from.
You are not on the first page under terms for Chicago.(slick)
Just when I thought I had it figured.

It’s not about meta tags, it’s about content.

Humble, Will? :mrgreen:


I got you beat, Bud. And I’m not even on that list. I guess the URL must be entered manually from Nick’s end.

I should be #19 :slight_smile:


That’s awesome Kevin! :wink:

Boys, I added your inspection business sites to the list… nice!

Dominic, your ranking rocketed up after doing NACHI.TV show. Wow.

I should be 35th

Makes no sense to me as my elliott home inspection site has a rank of around four million with a picture from last january and chicagopropertyinspection is at 10 million though it pulls in twice as much views.


Alexa rankings are not a true indicator of a sites performance. It’s the conversions that really count - converting visitors to sales. My wife’s FSBO site is at 1.4 million and has a very poor conversion rate. So a sites traffic is very misleading. Creating a site that converts take a very long time through trial and error.

Here is how to create a site that converts visitors to customers:

We disagree, Nick. Not all areas or people are the same.

I get good conversion by having good content on my site (I write articles on various home subjects) and having multiple logos, from NACHI, our Chapter, BBB, ESA,, etc.

People tell me that they are impressed by the information and the credentials.

That makes them call, then it is my job to sell them.

Hope this helps

Nick, good stuff.

For those who don’t know, ‘above the fold’ means your most important information should be visible on the home page without having to even touch the scroll bar.

Yup, gotta love it! Our traffic has been great ever since. We have an ad coming out in a HI catalog soon which I’m sure will help as well. I’ll definitely be stopping by before the end of the year to film another episode.

Thanks for all the great help Nick!

Will is correct in that the public is not yet comfortable in scheduling an inspection online yet. They go to the website for information, then the CALL the inspector, which makes conversion rates almost unquantifiable. Hence