New Smoke Alarm Law

I’m assuming hard wired alarms have to be replaced with hard wired alarms that contain the new sealed 10 year battery, correct? Home owners are not to be replacing hard wired alarms with the new “battery only” 10 year alarms.

Thanks for your help.

For the most part, that’s correct. However as some areas allow the wirelessly interconnected type, possible gray area. But a retrofitter told me that they are pricey to say the least, I’d think most homeowners are probably just doing it wrong.

In general, if interconnected, they shouldn’t be going backwards, I think I’ve seen a few 10 year hard wired types this year, I was told a three pack is 80 bucks…geesh

Yes, I’ve seen them up to $70 each, and as low as $20. The law went into effect in Florida 1-1-15.

The way I read it, hardwired smoke alarms are not affected by the new requirements. “Battery only” somke alarms require a “nonremovable, nonreplaceable battery.”

Whichever you have present, best to make sure to advise the owners to have them checked every so often…


Who is going to call out non-interconnected smoke alarms and recommend upgrade? I can hear the howling already.

If the structure was built with interconnected smoke alarms and they are no longer interconnected, I’m calling it out.